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Back Into Composing

2012-05-02 12:32:48 by DeForestB

Recently, I've drawn some inspiration and motivation to keep composing music, in spite of my synths limitations Out of all my endeavors, I think I enjoy creating new music most of all. I'm sure there will be some newgrounders who will enjoy it as well! : ]

Story Synopsis

2009-09-09 14:35:08 by DeForestB

I've changed my story... a hundred times. So many different ways it started and branched off, the characters personalities constantly changing, etc... so I'm going to start working on it again. Here's a summary of the story, draft 1: (R rated version story)

On a cool autumn morning, Kuro wakes up and makes a horrific discovery: his girlfriend and her family went missing without a trace. The authorities give Kuro nothing to go on other than blood stained walls and a dislodged back door. Plagued by nightmares of a strange far off land, he becomes desperate for answers. By accident, he finds himself in the very land he has dreamed about for these past few nights... it appears to be a land of paradise... or so it seems.

Kuro soon encounters tremendous dragon-like reptiles. They are intelligent and communicate with Kuro, in his own language! They tell him of a powerful ice-like crystal that could be their ultimate destruction and even Kuro's home... earth. Kuro learns of what great allies these creatures are to him on his quest, and now they share a similar goal in capturing... and destroying this magic crystal.

One night, a dark and rainy full moon greets Kuro and the reptiles. What sinister evils were there lurking in the darkness? Kuro wanders off on his own to find some time to think; only to discover he is not alone... someone has been following him. Then he recalls a legend the creatures had brought up the night before of a deadly princess... of darkness. They told him she roamed the land at night, in search of victims... no one knows what happened to the ones that disappeared.

Haunted by a shadow, Kuro panics and runs deeper into the forest, soon finding himself separated everyone. Suddenly, he felt a warm hand grasp his arm firmly. There were other people with him? His thoughts are interrupted by a sharp tingling of claws poking his arm. Frightened, Kuro dashes blindly into the darkness, his sudden heroic efforts ended by a large hidden branch.

As Kuro comes to, he sees a shadow standing right before him. A shiver runs down his spine when the lightning flashes, exposing the shadow briefly. The female figure has an almost sinister grin that was amplified by the lightning flashes. Kuro is frozen, not sure if he should defend himself, let alone if he had a chance against... is this the evil "slaughtering machine" the creatures mentioned to him? Another flash, this time he gets another look at her. Taken aback by her beauty, he freezes for a moment... she fit the description exactly. Aware of his fate lurking around the corner, he doesn't wait to ask questions: he flees deeper into the forest blanketed by the night.

Kuro can sense her presence not far behind. He stops, attempting to figure out where he is. He looks behind him, there is no one there... whatever she is, he swears he felt sharp nails digging into his flesh. He turns back around, this time she's in clear view of the moonlight right in front of him. To his astonishment she's completely human, but was he hallucinating with what he thought she was before... Kuro cannot describe it, but one thing for certain, she is not human... but her appearance, standing in front of Kuro, keeps him from fleeing any further. She's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

Kuro knows exactly who she is, to her own surprise. She then persuades Kuro into letting her help him out on his road to answers... or revenge, in her case. He allows it, to his own astonishment, and can only hope it's not a great mistake.

After many trials, battles, encounters with terrifying creatures, and horrific near death moments, Kuro finds the final culprit behind this evil. With his friends and their help, he defeats the man responsible for his parents' death, and the one responsible for corrupting the princess.

Then things take a turn for the worst... his closest ally shows him her true colors. Her true form reveals the legends were true... no one ever stood a chance against this monster... this killer assassin of darkness! Will Kuro be able to overcome the ultimate obstacle of his journey: this great evil? Is this the end...?

Find out in TWC (codename, actually name is not revealed on hear!)

( here's an interesting pic that kind of fits the story... :] )

Story Synopsis

my music website

2009-08-23 15:30:45 by DeForestB

I'm working on making an official music website, but for now I'm going to post my work on myspace at:

New music will be added soon! I'm interested in starting a band someday and music production is underway!


Jesse B.