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That was very... foxy (foxes are very interesting)! What I'm trying to say is, I thought it was amazing. The fox is animated well, she looks good (I especially liked the eyes and tail), and sounds good. A pretty voice and a pretty lady fox = : D. And of course, the fact that foxes are awesome, makes this awesome flash even more splendid. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us, including those of us who need NEW inspiration (like myself). I'll look for the next one...

I'm with you

This happens to me at Pub$#x all the time : ] "BUT I WANT IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or I'll go to the 'other' Publi$!!!"

Really good, man!

I saw the intro as well. This is certainly a unique story similarity to Fate Stay/Night... okay so maybe I don't see complete similarity yet, but I will be expecting it in your episodes to come! Now, if only you had 10,000 reviews and a 4.20... : [

Seriously, one of my favorite anime. There is another anime character that reminds me of Sabre... Clair, from Claymore

Blank-Mage responds:

I didn't know I had more reviews to comment on! Sweet! I feel popular.

And HEY, a Fate/Stay Fan! Glad to hear it, you're going to love this. This little piece is basically like Tohsaka's prologue with Archer; things will start following the series proper once Mecha attempts to kill said fox, just like Lancer attempting to kill Shirou.

I think my score is low because some people didn't know to press space and didn't read the comments. At least I hope so. And I've watched Claymore, it was pretty good. Liked the ending song enough to put on my ipod.

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I hope this is a useless review rant! : } (OR NOT)

Have you, by chance, ever watched the anime hell girl? It's the same concept: sending evil people to hell. But what sets your animations apart is that you must actually KILL them as part of the 'evillll' process. LOL

Such an unusual concept of point in click ya have here, bud... After playing this one I was curious enough to play all the rest of them and I was finally able to match up the song, "Sins of the Father" that I had downloaded several months ago... how interesting! (but really, it's sad that all the stories depicted here actually happen) [The perfect composer we also have here! I actually took that song and changed the pitch and speed to "increase" and made it sound, dare I say, even more interesting.]

I wonder what's next... I'll take a wild guess: "the reincarny comes back as a new president of our United States (next re-election year) and his intentions are actually... incredibly mastermindedly-evil.

Obviously this might be controversial, since the next president may very well be the anti-christ. Cough cough... but Luke, why is he... here?! So this means the idea is falling apart... : [

Just about killed myself playing all night

I stayed up till 2AM playing this, and just like the other two, I love this game. what an amazing artist you are in the flash world-. So what are you planning next? What have you thought about making real anime someday as a career, or working on games like Tales of Symphonia?

On the game: it almost seems like there are two many special powers, which could be a good thing since A: you've covered all the RPG elements and B: more to pick from (variety). However for some characters I found myself sticking with one power I liked best and that's what I mostly upgraded, so it depends on who you are. but the variety would probably overwhelm simple minded folks who want to play a quick flash game. For me, the more sessions the better.

Are there any monsters more powerful than those holy ice rocks? It was a real surprise when I fought them the first time, especially 2 of them! In fact, I'm trying to pass a battle against them as we speak. hahaha seriously they mean business

So yeah, this is kind of like Symphonia (the best game of all time) I'm also glad you work with Phyrnna, how did you two meet up by the way?????

And now, to finish the game, which will probably take until 2 am again X D

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matt-likes-swords responds:

She PM'd me one day.

Nightmares for years

An interesting mix of metroid, dead space, and alien. It's almost enough to give you nightmares... well, depending on your age this game will most likely give you nightmares, the gross gore effects and some creatures look like parts of the human anatomy.

The graphics are really superb, and it's pretty intense for a short horror flash game.

Flaws: I never died once until the final boss, then he killed me 20 times. The difficulty is kind of off, or maybe that's exactly what you intended for a final boss.

The ending was funny.

If you like violent horror games, this is a great choice. I'm 21 so this didn't give me nightmares

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Great deal, man! First of all, this is the best temple remix. I've listened to over 30 remixes of this song, including ones on official soundtracks, and even orchestrated. This is the best so far, if that says anything. The beat cool too, in fact I think in your future songs you should make it even more powerful... just sayin'!

For an "old" song of yours, I think it sounded cool. Lots of synth, and I agree about the intro, it's almost haunting... the intro should have been longer!!

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Hello again,

This is a more serious song; in fact, I can see the feeling conveyed in here as sadness (possible), for some a "clouded", dark kind of sadness... there have been some emotional points in my lifetime that this song reminds me of them, and the anguish takes sometimes. Like the title says, "cloudformer" when the dark clouds form, there isn't much you can do about it other than survive. The message you've conveyed through this song is powerful, without you even realizing it : ]

Although, I have to say, it could go either way. If you made the song with the intention of making us see darkened sky, you're accomplished this as well. A good example I can think of right now is a scene from a "storm movie", like Take Shelter. I think your music could be good for ending and finale scenes. Now, if only some of your songs were longer... just think about it : )

At the rate you're going, you're going to make us all very emotional! Thanks for another interesting submission.....

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Elegancia responds:

Hi again :)
Oh yeah, finally someone understood the message :p
You are totally right with that - that was exactly the message and the feeling i wanted to create while one is listening to this song.
I'm very grateful for your review and it means so much to me.
Thank you very much.

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not bad

That's some hot art you have there, girl! lol

I don't know who the character are, just the Pokemon. Either way, it's colorful and clean

LovelyKouga responds:

'Hot'? LOL! If you say so!

Well, I did say in my description who the characters were >.>;

gorgeous vixen

Annika? I think she would make a great video game character... in fact, she would make a great star of an RPG. A lot of people would buy the game because of the main Annika! lol...

I found a new favorite artist >: ]

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Splended eyes... and... well everything else!

Beautiful. Seems like no one on earth would be worthy of the bella... I agree with everything SoulMaster71 says as well. I've never fainted before but this is the kind of girl would make that happen if she existed, regardless of what she was wearing ; )

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