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That was very... foxy (foxes are very interesting)! What I'm trying to say is, I thought it was amazing. The fox is animated well, she looks good (I especially liked the eyes and tail), and sounds good. A pretty voice and a pretty lady fox = : D. And of course, the fact that foxes are awesome, makes this awesome flash even more splendid. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us, including those of us who need NEW inspiration (like myself). I'll look for the next one...

I'm with you

This happens to me at Pub$#x all the time : ] "BUT I WANT IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or I'll go to the 'other' Publi$!!!"

Really good, man!

I saw the intro as well. This is certainly a unique story similarity to Fate Stay/Night... okay so maybe I don't see complete similarity yet, but I will be expecting it in your episodes to come! Now, if only you had 10,000 reviews and a 4.20... : [

Seriously, one of my favorite anime. There is another anime character that reminds me of Sabre... Clair, from Claymore

Blank-Mage responds:

I didn't know I had more reviews to comment on! Sweet! I feel popular.

And HEY, a Fate/Stay Fan! Glad to hear it, you're going to love this. This little piece is basically like Tohsaka's prologue with Archer; things will start following the series proper once Mecha attempts to kill said fox, just like Lancer attempting to kill Shirou.

I think my score is low because some people didn't know to press space and didn't read the comments. At least I hope so. And I've watched Claymore, it was pretty good. Liked the ending song enough to put on my ipod.

bloody hilarious

And I never use the word "bloody", to be honest, but words can't really describe the laughter I had when I made my "first" viewing of this hysterical masterpiece. I know the animation is nothing special, but you have so much potential and sure you'll be seeing the front page more often if you keep this up!

PuffballsUnited responds:

:D Thanks! As long as when you say bloody you don't mean that you became bloody from watching this. That would make me worried.

short review : ]

I know you intended this to be a strange artwork. The animation you used in the beginning was quite interesting.

I saw it on youtube when you told me about it, not having realized you uploaded it here as well. All I can say is, you should upload your work and give it a chance. That's the only way to get better with every new creation : ]

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Ah, my favorite newgrounds animation

I am not sorry I bought this last year. I let a friend watch it and he ended up watching it with some other friends. This gentleman is in the army National Gaurd, and he was impressed! Regardless of the anime quality of the picture or any flaws or defects there may be, this film is still very emotional and brings out feelings of sorrow that are soon replaced by happiness and utter joy! And I can't really find the flaws considering you did everything by yourself in about a year.

What a nice little Christmas film : ] I hope you make lots of money someday and produce real feature length anime films! God Bless you!!!!!!

SpikeVallentine responds:

Thank you for your appreciation and sharing your opinion.
Whatever God has blessed me with, all the Glory to Him.

Production was about half a year for the 45 minutes. Now it's 22.
Nice to hear you feel positive with this project, not everyone would feel the same.

Just fine

I like your style. Keep it interesting, don't lose the humor

Agree with below review

Doesn't make me cry with laughter... but, Nice animation, and great potential. I can smell the humor building... lol. At least I am anticipating it... :]


FutureSmello responds:

Awesome, at least you appreciated it!

That was funny!

Bloody fun, I tell ya'! lol


Interesting... why is the audio from Michael Kamen but there's a song from E.S. Posthumus towards the end?

this is... different to say the least

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