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Reincarnation: TEND Reincarnation: TEND

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I hope this is a useless review rant! : } (OR NOT)

Have you, by chance, ever watched the anime hell girl? It's the same concept: sending evil people to hell. But what sets your animations apart is that you must actually KILL them as part of the 'evillll' process. LOL

Such an unusual concept of point in click ya have here, bud... After playing this one I was curious enough to play all the rest of them and I was finally able to match up the song, "Sins of the Father" that I had downloaded several months ago... how interesting! (but really, it's sad that all the stories depicted here actually happen) [The perfect composer we also have here! I actually took that song and changed the pitch and speed to "increase" and made it sound, dare I say, even more interesting.]

I wonder what's next... I'll take a wild guess: "the reincarny comes back as a new president of our United States (next re-election year) and his intentions are actually... incredibly mastermindedly-evil.

Obviously this might be controversial, since the next president may very well be the anti-christ. Cough cough... but Luke, why is he... here?! So this means the idea is falling apart... : [

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just about killed myself playing all night

I stayed up till 2AM playing this, and just like the other two, I love this game. what an amazing artist you are in the flash world-. So what are you planning next? What have you thought about making real anime someday as a career, or working on games like Tales of Symphonia?

On the game: it almost seems like there are two many special powers, which could be a good thing since A: you've covered all the RPG elements and B: more to pick from (variety). However for some characters I found myself sticking with one power I liked best and that's what I mostly upgraded, so it depends on who you are. but the variety would probably overwhelm simple minded folks who want to play a quick flash game. For me, the more sessions the better.

Are there any monsters more powerful than those holy ice rocks? It was a real surprise when I fought them the first time, especially 2 of them! In fact, I'm trying to pass a battle against them as we speak. hahaha seriously they mean business

So yeah, this is kind of like Symphonia (the best game of all time) I'm also glad you work with Phyrnna, how did you two meet up by the way?????

And now, to finish the game, which will probably take until 2 am again X D

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matt-likes-swords responds:

She PM'd me one day.

The Breach The Breach

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nightmares for years

An interesting mix of metroid, dead space, and alien. It's almost enough to give you nightmares... well, depending on your age this game will most likely give you nightmares, the gross gore effects and some creatures look like parts of the human anatomy.

The graphics are really superb, and it's pretty intense for a short horror flash game.

Flaws: I never died once until the final boss, then he killed me 20 times. The difficulty is kind of off, or maybe that's exactly what you intended for a final boss.

The ending was funny.

If you like violent horror games, this is a great choice. I'm 21 so this didn't give me nightmares

Wake Up the Box Wake Up the Box

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Interesting, nice result

I think this is a wonderful version. I played it through in one short sitting though :]

I did get stuck a few times, so it does still make you think a bit. Great potential. I can't think of any criticism for this puzzle game. Although, I am curious what kind of game you would make if you tried something different besides the puzzles genre...

Glad my music fits

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Epic War 2 Epic War 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I was exited when I found this game

I was addicted to the first Epic War until completion, and I never beat that last boss! :]

I like all the new options, the graphics and background, and music are all great and improved and this game is certainly much more epic.


One thing I have never liked was upgrading the Mana every single time. I like permanent upgrades, and carrying skills over to the next age, instead of having to start all over. Make mana upgrades permanent! Same thing for the "research" instead of having to do it every level.

The arrow should have an automatic option instead of constantly having to shoot arrows or lose the match.

I'm going to finish this game now... it's looooong :]

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Armed with Wings 2 Armed with Wings 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Fun, frustrating but not too hard... problem is, a glitch ruined my game. On the second boss he blew me away with a powerful attack while I was jumping attack and he blew me off the screen (inside the wall, from there I fell into an eternal black abyss, LITERALLY.. . the falling never stopped, I watched my attacks float above me as I kept falling lol

Aside from a small glitch, this game is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Code Red Code

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic SCFI defence

5-10 all around... however, it is automatically on high difficulty. Few people make it to level 20 without lots of deaths... :P Other than that, this is a BRILLIANT concept. Please make another one like this, maybe epic war, E.S. Posthumus might be good music.

Can't wait to see more like this! But I can't beat lv. 20 hahahah This might be one of the few defense games I could not complete.

Sonny Sonny

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This great game is both extremely difficult and flows flawlessly (when compared to "flash" games this is in the top 10 as far as smooth animation). It is worth the struggle as I keep coming back because I want to discover more. I accidentally confused this with another game; in fact I have been on new grounds since over a year ago and never found out about this game. I'm SO glad I clicked on it and started playing. Keep making games like this.


Jesse B.

Epic War Epic War

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome, Addictive, Different, Good Visuals

I really liked this game. I am always looking for something new in tower defense games and this is one of my favorite formats for defense (tower VS tower, straight line evolving level progression like AGE OF WAR, which was one of my favorites on here). It's nice that you can finally over power your enemies by the later stages, rather than being an utter discouragement. I was confused because all I had was hobbits for the first 3 levels, THEN when I died on level 4 I found out about "upgrades"... I was overjoyed when I found them X D :=] LOL

One thing... the final boss... I had much anticipation, and personally I think it's cool that the whole game the tower was actually a model of the boss. Nice concept. However, if you make another game, please split the boss up in several stages at least, especially with health even over 100,000. Staring at the same ugly rearing face of The End can be a pain after awhile, especially after slaughtering so many of your poor guys :*[ Make him evolve, maybe slower, but more terrifying with an barrage of attacks he uses at different anger levels and as he changes form. NO he was NOT too easy for those who say he is. They just have have more patience than most. MWAHAHAH. lol

If there is ever a next time, better graphics, etc whatever you have plans for, here's some tips.

Wider selection of enemies and personal fighters, not much focus on accessory items (such as traps) but maybe an auto mechanism that does not damage your own units, and bigger bosses... what would happen if you were introduced to one new boss per level? Now that would eye catching....

No speed up button, but the game could be shorter per level and more levels with less repetition.

Optional Themes... futuristic, examples: Halo, Metroid, Air Force... I would include some bomb weapons such as: Atomic bomb, Hydrogen bomb, TNT AA12 auto shot gun, maybe somewhat of a military theme. Futuristic can also start out "modern". check out some of the new warfare on the show "future weapons" used by marines!

What about animals? Nah... :P LOL I dunno about that one...

Anyway keep up and don't listen to the critics too much. Oh, and ONE more thing... how bout more music! One song loop per level... now if only there was a way to make a game that big! If the limit is ever changed, you could have limitless possibilities on here!!! Go get em bro! Good luck


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BulletTime BulletTime

Rated 5 / 5 stars

0.20 :)

Cool game. The best record would be .10 right? lol!

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